The leading European pari mutuel/tote operators promote their business model, the pari mutuel system, which offers a vital support to the equine sector in Europe.

Members of EPMA are present in countries, traditionally active in developing the horse races and horse breeding (Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and United Kingdom). They wish to share their common concerns about developing efficient regulations taking into account the promotion of the equine sector and consumer’s fairness and protection.

The European Pari Mutuel Association has the following missions:

- Promote pari mutuel betting on horseracing and its business model

- Position the Association on future legislation (sport, gambling, online commerce, consumers protection, anti-money laundering)

- Develop commercial activities (ex: common-pooling/commingling) between members

- Facilitate the exchange of best practices and information between the members

- Organise seminars, conferences, and other meetings in view of promoting the association’s objectives

The Pari Mutuel model

Pari Mutuel is a form of betting with internal values which guarantees the integrity of the sport. Indeed, with Pari Mutuel betting, the amounts bet are added together and shared among the winners, after the take-out of the operator which is completely independent of the result of the race. The Pari Mutuel operator has therefore absolutely no interest in the outcome of the race.

In countries with the Tote model for betting, there has been no case of fixed races for years. Mutual betting is a way to prevent problem. Moreover, bets on ‘losers’ are not allowed, “In running” bets are not allowed.

Bets are monitored in real time. Large amounts bets are detected (beyond a threshold). Pari Mutuel operators also detect certain combinations where there are a lot of big amounts bets. These combinations are compared with those expected (specialised press, for example) to determine if they are atypical or not. The model also detects easily after the race has been paid if there has been concentrations in winnings.

Pari Mutuel model has the ability to finance horseracing in a maximised and predictable way: Large pools and no risk taken.

Pari Mutuel betting ensures transparency through:

- the application of equal treatment of punters,

- the implementation of predetermined rules to establish the share of total bets that will be returned to winning punters,

- the operator’s ability to put all the information available at the disposal of punters without weakening his position.

Pari Mutuel in figures

- 77% of the total betting on horseracing is under the pari mutuel model,

- Significant Pari Mutuel operators worldwide: Japan Racing Association, Tabcorp in Australia, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Singapore Turf Club, Korean Racing Authority, Phumelela in South Africa, Jockey Club of Turkey, Woodbine in Canada as well as Amtote and United Tote in United States.

- 7 countries make up 80% of the total worldwide

- Many of these organizations work in partnership with EPMA as Associated members.

- They actively participate to the Annual Racing & Betting Business Forum in Paris in October

- Pari Mutuel operators are active in 15 countries in Europe – French and Swedish structures are the main operators.

- Each structure supports the horseracing and equine sector with a strong % of the total betting turnover (more than 8% in certain countries).

EPMA members 2018 figures

- Total world : € 30 billion

- Total Europe : € 11,5 billion

- Return to racing Europe: €1,1 billion

- International Racing : 20% of global turnover

- World Online Betting: € 13 billion


- EPMA works in partnership with European and International Racing Authorities: UET, IFHA, EMHF

- EPMA is a founder and member of the Board of the European Horse Network

- EPMA and AATA have agreed in 2014 to a strategic partnership to strenghten the collaboration of Tote Worldwide

- EPMA is cooperating with GLMS, Global Lottery Monitoring System since summer 2019