Life of the Association

4 February 2019

EPMA is attending ICE 2019 in London 5/02 to 7/02

EPMA Board members meet on 5/02 to discuss global bet and new membership format.

With 33,536 attendees in 2018, ICE London is the perfect hub for industry experts to exchange views and for EPMA to prepare the next Racing & Betting Forum.

Life of the Association

26 January 2019

EPMA attended the European Trotting Union Annual Meeting in Vincennes

Jean-Pierre Kratzer ended his 8 years chairmanship by insisting on the main and sole objective of the future UET Board ‘to establish the principles and basic rules of the “returns to the industry” principle’.

Mrs Marjaana Alaviuhkola, Chair of the Swedish Trotting Federation, has been elected President of the UET, to succeed to Jean-Pierre Kratzer.

A veterinarian by profession, Marjaana Alaviunkola has twice been voted Woman of the Year in Sweden. After a first distinction in 2009, she was honored again last year for her research on horse-related diseases. After having been at the head for twenty years at the Halmstad racecourse, one of the 33 Swedish racecourse, she was elected President last April of the Swedish trotting federation. One of her missions will be to find an agreement in Sweden with operators for a fair return to the sector and work on it at European level. Marjaana Alaviunkola also wants to collaborate with trotting Federations: "Sweden and France are the two pillars of the European system. With good will, it is not excluded to rework on a project of European horse racing like the Euro Million. "

Life of the Association

26 January 2019

EPMA attended the Sun Met Racing Day in Cape Town

More than 11,000 people watched the twelve high level races organised in the beautiful surroundings of Kenilworth racecourse.

Life of the Association

22 January 2019

EPMA anti-money laundering experts attended the EU Commission SNRA consultation meeting in Brussels

The aim is to update the Supranational Risk Assessment report in 2018 after the implementation of the 4th Anti-money laundering (AML) directive that applies to all gambling activities.

AML officers discussed risks assessment and tools.

Life of the Association

16 October 2018

EPMA is part of the Equine Conference co-organised by European Horse Network, FEEVA, Equine veterinarians, UECBV, meat organisation and World Horse Welfare: Responsible Care throughout the life of Equines

More than 70 people were present at the Equine Conference this year, hosted by MEPs Julie Girling and Jean Arthuis, Chair of the Horse Group of Parliament.

The first session of the conference focused on securing value to the life of horses. Issues discussed included responsible breeding of horses, rehoming and rehabilitation, retraining of race horses, and the residual value in the food chain.

The second session focused on practical implementation and the positive initiatives in place. Issues discussed included end of life, transport of horses, good practices in slaughterhouses, and professional charter for responsible ownership.

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Life of the Association

16 October 2018

EPMA attended the European Horse Network General Assembly in Brussels

EHN members adopted their Manifesto 2019 asking decision makers to work on 6 priorities.

Members agreed to include more members in the Board and to renew Mark Wentein as Chairman.

EHN will increase its budget by creating different categories in membership fees in order to organise more events with decision makers and partners.

> Read Manifesto

Life of the Association

15 October 2018

EPMA participates in Paris to the Workshop initiated by MEP Jean Arthuis on the funding of the Horse Racing industry.

Attended the meeting politicians, horse betting operators, horse racing authorities from France, Norway, Sweden, UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium.

The principle of sustainable funding of the racing industry by the levy on betting, exists as a model and was even established in the national legislation of several States. The European Commission has confirmed the possibility for governments adopting 5 decisions on state aid since 2013. These decisions are not sufficient to fully recognise the fair return from betting in Europe.

The workshop asked the following questions which will be dealt with in a future meeting:

- How to promote and institute this return in the long term?

- How to organize at European level between racing companies and betting operators to make this principle stronger, more complete and more united?

Life of the Association

8 October 2018

EPMA attended the International Horse Racing Authorities Conference in Paris

The Wagering/Horse Betting session looked at figures: 105 billion $ turnover in horse betting represents 6% of the Total worldwide gaming. 5 missions to work on together – widen customer, new Tote technology, commingle with a simple and updated Tote protocol, protect IP rights and fight illegal betting

Life of the Association

5 October 2018

EPMA and AATA co-organised the 10th edition of the Racing & Betting Forum in Paris

155 participants listened and exchanged on the future of race tracking, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on betting, how gamification can benefit the business and the latest innovation in pari mutuel betting.