EU Agriculture Policy

20 June 2018

EPMA attended the MEP Horse Group meeting in European Parliament on future agriculture policy

Around 10 MEPs present on June 20 in the European Parliament exchanged with the professionals of the equine sector gathered by the European Horse Network, EHN. Several representatives joined Jean Arthuis in expressing their concern about the proposal on the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which will no longer count equine on farms after 2020 and which makes recognition of the status of equine breeder difficult as well as his access to land.

The new European proposals for the reform of the CAP presented on June 1, was detailed by Pierre Bascou, Director at the Agriculture Directorate of the Commission.

Jean Arthuis concluded the session by asking the European Commission to take into account the importance of activities related to equidae in Europe, breeding, sport, horse racing, recreation, tourism, as many rural activities.

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EU Gambling Policy

5 June 2018

EPMA attended the two panels in European Parliament organised on integrity in sport and betting before the launch of the World Cup

A High-level panel hosted by MEP Bogdan Wenta clearly asked the EU and governments to sign the Macolin convention against match-fixing. Torbjorn Froysnes, former Ambassador of the Council of Europe, representing Norwegian horse betting operator, concerned by illegal betting, asked the EU to vote the Macolin convention by a majority in order to preserve the financial return to horse racing and sport.

On the photo: Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education Culture and sport, Krasen Kralev, Minister of Education and Sport of Bulgaria, Maja Makovec Brencic, Minister of Education an sport in Slovenia, MEP Bogdan Wenta, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Deputy General Secretary of the Council of Europe, Harry Syvasalmi, Secretary General of the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports.

A second seminar hosted by MEP Wenta and co organised by ESSA and EGBA clearly explained how betting operators make their odds and C. Segalen from ARJEL, French regulator, explained how the cooperation between countries has improved the fight against corruption and fixing since the creation of the Group of Copenhagen in 2016.

Life of the Association

31 May 2018

EPMA General Assembly returns to Stockholm, 10 years after

25 participants (17 Totes) elected the Board for a 3 year mandate:

Harald Dorum - Norsk Rikstoto – EPMA Chairman
Aymeric Verlet – PMU - EPMA Vice Chairman
Hans Skarploth - ATG
Sami Kauhanen – Veikkaus
Phil Siers - Totepool
Jean-Luc Moner-Banet – LoRo
Camilla C. Garmann - Norsk Rikstoto - EPMA Treasurer

EPMA welcomes a new member: Hungarian Racehorse Betting Ltd

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Life of the Association

3 May 2018

EPMA activities in May 2018

24 May - EPMA is attending VIVATech Forum in Paris to meet start-ups and discuss new ideas and technologies for horse betting. > Learn more

25 May - EPMA and AATA will open the next Racing & Betting Forum registration facilities for the event scheduled on 5 October 2018 in Paris. > Learn more

27 and 28 May - EPMA members meet for the General Assembly in Stockholm. ATG, Swedish horse betting operator invites members to Elitloppet Racing event in Solvalla. > Learn more

Life of the Association

28 February 2018

European Horse Network welcomes new members

EPMA attended the European Horse Network Board meeting in Brussels.

EHN has welcomed 2 new members, Equine Health & Nutrition Association and Animal Transportation Association.

EHN is organising its next MEP Horse Group meeting on 20 June in Brussels to discuss the position of equine breeders in future Agricultural policy and their access to land.

In its advocacy efforts, EHN has managed to exclude live animals from the scope of the Consumer Sales legislation proposal which rules could not be implemented properly and continues to watch the debate on Veterinary products and Animal Health Law implementing acts.

Life of the Association

7 February 2018

EPMA 2018 Responsible Gaming Group

EPMA Responsible Gaming Group in London has invited experts to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility and customers’ behaviour.

Henrik Nordal from the Norwegian Gambling Commission, insisted on the registration of 100% of gaming customers, a prerequisite for an efficient Responsible Gaming policy at national level.

Laura Da Silva Gomes, director of Silverfish, a company that specialises in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sports Integrity and Responsible Gaming, presented simple messages and tools to help gaming companies address and improve their impact on society and grow their business in a different way.

Michael Auer, Director at Neccton and specialized in cognitive behavioural tracking, explained how mentor, a player tracking and feedback solution platform, already working on 8 sites, can improve the relationship with customers. Carl Fredrik Stenstrom demonstrated how Rikstoto, Horse betting operator in Norway, has set up the registration and self-limitation policy of the majority of its customers in only 6 months.

Simo Dragicevic, founder and CEO of BetBuddy, a Playtech company, has developed a consumer protection platform that helps gaming operators to better understand and manage customer behaviour.

Life of the Association

6 February 2018

EPMA 2018 Board

EPMA Board members in London looked at the Global Bet activities and discussed objectives of the World Tote structure. They agreed to launch a study on four potential Global Bet types to a focus group of players in different countries from March. A full financial proposal and draft by-laws for the World Tote will be presented in EPMA General Assembly in May.

Life of the Association

27 January 2018

UET General Assembly

EPMA attended European Trotting Union General Assembly in Vincennes, France
UET Chairman, Jean-Pierre Kratzer, asked all members to improve aftercare and retirement of horses as well as animal welfare issues. New chapters on these issues will be added to the International UET agreement.

The comparative work between Trotting Federations in Europe done on welfare practices regarding equipment and medication is clearly helping the improvement of all.

UET members also agree to be more present and efficient in addressing political institutions.

Life of the Association

19 December 2017

Season’s Greetings