Life of the Association

13 June 2016

EPMA General Assembly on 10 June in San Sebastian, Spain

EPMA welcomed new members Beturf, French online betting operator and JSC Racecourses in Russia.

19 Members discussed Marketing and Responsible Gaming issues.
San Sebastian’s Mayor invited EPMA in the Ayuntamiento building and described the activities of his city nominated European city of culture 2016.

San Sebastian racecourse is celebrating its 100th anniversary this summer and horse racing activities has been honoured by the Royal Sport medal.

A special EPMA Grand Prix was organised last Friday on the racecourse.

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Life of the Association

4 May 2016

Belgian VAT taxation on betting

EPMA members draw the attention on the negative impact of the new Belgian VAT taxation on betting announced by the government beginning of April.

If implemented, it will cause a massive decrease of the volume of online bets, the closure of points of sale, the disappearance of sponsoring and the development of the illegal market which does not give economic return to the regional economy. Moreover, the Horse sector will suffer. Horse breeding and horse racing activities depends on the return from betting.

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Life of the Association

30 April 2016


EPMA contributes to the Supranational Risk Assessment (SNRA) on Anti-Money Laundering requirements organised by EU Commission Directorate Justice. The SNRA is a tool to understand risks and elaborate policies with a view to address risks of money laundering. The consultation exercise will continue in October 2016 and a formal adoption is scheduled in March 2017

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Life of the Association

2 March 2016

EHN and MEP Horse group meeting in Brussels

European Horse Network met Members of the European Parliament to discuss best practices for horses’ responsible ownership.

Julie Girling MEP, explained that her decision to produce an Own Initiative Report on Responsible Equine Ownership reflected how fundamental knowledgeable, responsible owners are to the health and welfare of the EU’s 7 million horses. Guidance and education of horse owners is in line with the Better Regulation agenda as well as the identification and animal Health legislation.

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European gambling debate

1 March 2016

EU Commission consultation on money laundering and terrorist financing risks

EPMA participated to EU Commission consultation on the supranational risk assessment on money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

The European Commission is currently conducting an assessment of the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing affecting the internal market and relating to cross-border activities. The first stage is to identify risks and make recommendations on tools on how to reduce those risks. The results of this supranational risk assessment will impact the national framework legislation.

EPMA members are working jointly on the most efficient implementation of the measures (identity verification on winnings, reinforce trainings in multi-activities point of sales, possibility to audit partners).