Life of the Association

15 November 2019

Second Expert Group meeting EPMA/GLMS – Global Lottery Monitoring System

Following the first meeting of the Group on October 3 in Paris, a new conference call has been organised to continue the exchange of practices to monitor horse betting and explore the possibilities of cooperation between horse betting operators and GLMS.

Life of the Association

13 November 2019

EPMA attended the World Horse Welfare Annual Conference in London

Responsibility for equine welfare is a shared concern and this year’s conference involved high level speakers representing many aspects of the horse world to discuss what shared responsibility actually means. Questions of responsibility in racing, for tack fit, for animal hoarding and for equine crime was explored.

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Life of the Association

16 October 2019

EPMA attended the European Horse Network General Assembly organised in Bruges.

The Network welcomed new members, European Farriers, European and African Stud Book Committee and ECAHO, Arab Horse organisations.

Mark Wentein, EHN Chairman, expressed the need to look at new opportunities for 2020 and build on the strong collaboration with European Institutions.

Life of the Association

15 October 2019

EPMA attended the first MEP Horse Group meeting in Brussels

The first meeting of the Horse Group of the European Parliament was held in Brussels in the presence of the new President of the European Commission, Ursula von der LEYEN.

Mrs Hilde VAUTMANS, Belgian MEP, new President of the Horse Group of the European Parliament welcomed several of her parliamentary colleagues and presented the strengths and assets of the European equine sector as well as 4 priorities to work on: The horse as an "agricultural" animal in the next CAP; The promotion of knowledge and good practices as a basis for animal welfare; Tax harmonization; The availability and harmonisation on the market of veterinary medicinal products.

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Life of the Association

7 October 2019

EPMA attended the 53rd International Horseracing Authorities Conference in Paris

Top International trainers were invited to give their opinion on how racing and their profession have evolved and how they must even be more transparent and open to improve public perception.

Welfare of horses was also on the agenda to discuss how the concept of lifetime responsibility is implemented in different regions. Whip issue and retraining was carefully looked at.

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Life of the Association

4 October 2019

EPMA organises its 11th Racing & Betting Forum in Paris

The Forum welcomed 145 participants from 27 countries, to exchange ideas on how to revitalise old fashioned racing and betting and bring more ethical perspective in our business. EPMA, AATA, Groupe Carrus, Sportech and Groupe Paris Turf co-organised and sponsored the event.

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Life of the Association

3 October 2019

EPMA/GLMS Expert Meeting in Paris

Following a series of exchanges on the possibility of the Gobal Lottery Monitoring System extending its work towards the monitoring of horse betting, a Group of Experts from the sport and horse betting industry met in order to brainstorm and make recommendations on the feasibility to extend the integrity work of GLMS.

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Life of the Association

15 July 2019

EPMA supports the MEP Horse Group in newly elected European Parliament

MEP Horse Group starts a new chapter with Mrs Hilde Vautmans (BE, Renew Europe).
“I feel very honoured to take over the presidency from Jean Arthuis and Julie Girling. We have made great progress since 2011 but there is so much to be done to ensure the European equine sector is properly recognised in Brussels. Together with EHN, I want to commit myself to all possible areas of the sector, those being: both recreational as professional equestrian sports, agriculture, hippo- and equitherapy, tourism, etc. The horse industry is indeed a crucial sector that immensely contributes to the welfare of our European economy. As Chairwoman, I will do my best to push through and put these challenges on the agenda of the European Parliament in order to improve and enhance the current situation in Europe.” said Hilde Vautmans. The first meeting is scheduled on 15 October in Brussels.

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Life of the Association

11 July 2019

EPMA attended the European Horse Network Board meeting at the French Thoroughbred breeders Federation in Paris

EHN members prepared the first MEP Horse Group meeting in the new European Parliament, discussed future applications for EU research and Erasmus + programmes. The first results of the study on the green assets of equine was presented. Full results should be available in October.