Life of the Association

5 December 2016

Global Bet meeting

EPMA will organise its next Global Bet meeting in Brussels on 14 December

Life of the Association

2 December 2016

Colloque at French Senate in Paris

EPMA spoke about the innovative Tote Betting industry at the French Senate on 25 November in Paris.

More than 100 Equine professionals met to discuss challenges ahead: high VAT not compatible for small businesses and sport and tourism development, incoherence in legal framework for transport and identification.

Life of the Association

14 November 2016

EPMA attended the World Horse Welfare Annual Conference on 10 November in London

The 2016 World Horse Welfare Conference explored the theme of ‘The Invisible Horse’ focus on what makes a suffering horse – or one that is likely to suffer – ‘invisible’ and the essential role of charities and others in bringing their plight into the spotlight, plus ongoing work to tackle the root causes of their invisibility.

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Life of the Association

24 October 2016

EPMA attended the Equine Conference in the European Parliament on 20 October

Jean Arthuis, Member of the European Parliament, gathered around him, representatives of the equine industry to lift taboos and identify measures to ensure the European horse industry a long-term development.

The place of the horse in society today is significant but remains fragile and is even declining as emphasized Jean-Louis Gouraud, writer, and publisher. The presence of this animal with men is directly linked to the diversity of roles and tasks that it may wish to entrust in the fields of sport, competition, leisure, education, work, mediation, therapy, shows.

Jean Arthuis wishes with the help of his colleagues in the Parliament and the European Horse Network (22 structures representing the horse in its diversity) list the weaknesses, promote best practices, preserve the necessary financing. An appointment is made within six months to study sustainable funding models for the industry.

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Life of the Association

10 October 2016

EPMA welcomes a new member Horse Races SA, pari mutuel horse betting operator in Greece, member of OPAP Group.

Horse Races SA organises and conducts horse races in Greece, particularly in Markopoulo, Attica, organises mutual betting in relation to horse races offline and online. The company objective is to develop the sport at national level and partnerships at international level.

EU Agenda

5 October 2016

EPMA experts attended the SNRA supranational risk assessment of money laundering and terrorist financing, consultation meeting organised by DG Justice, EU Commission

The EU Commission intends to finalise the analysis by the end of year. Experts input is requested on the risk awareness, controls and existing mitigating measures.

Life of the Association

3 October 2016

EPMA attended the 50th International Horseracing Authorities Conference in Paris

Louis Romanet, Chairman, reviewed the accomplishments of the past 50 years and addressed the opportunities and challenges to international horse racing for the future, including the need to work alongside the International Stud Book Committee to monitor any developments that threaten the Thoroughbred breed, such as genetic and cellular manipulation; the desire to eradicate race day medication on all continents and have out of competition testing; the importance of horse welfare policies; providing aftercare solutions; and facilitating the movement of horses in a responsible manner. The Conference’s keynote address was delivered by HRH Princess Haya Al Hussein, one of the most prominent leaders in equine sport.

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Life of the Association

30 September 2016

EPMA welcomed 165 participants at the Racing and Betting Forum in Paris

EPMA welcomed 165 participants at the Racing and Betting Forum in Paris with a new format of the day, bringing together 10 guest speakers to discuss topics of esports, virtual racing, loyalty and e-payment. In a world of virtual sport and money, speakers showed how such evolution fits in in the reality of horse racing and betting.

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ATG, Swedish Tote Betting operator was the great winner of the first Racing & Betting Innovation Awards

Life of the Association

13 June 2016

EPMA General Assembly on 10 June in San Sebastian, Spain

EPMA welcomed new members Beturf, French online betting operator and JSC Racecourses in Russia.

19 Members discussed Marketing and Responsible Gaming issues.
San Sebastian’s Mayor invited EPMA in the Ayuntamiento building and described the activities of his city nominated European city of culture 2016.

San Sebastian racecourse is celebrating its 100th anniversary this summer and horse racing activities has been honoured by the Royal Sport medal.

A special EPMA Grand Prix was organised last Friday on the racecourse.

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